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We are dedicated to teaching transit professionals around the world the finest Tactical Communication, Customer service, and Operator Safety techniques available anywhere, to assist operators in providing outstanding service while maintaining their safety and performing the important, complex, and demanding jobs they do every day. The job that transit professionals do has a great impact on the quality of life for so many people.

As a retired veteran inner-city police officer and college professor, Bill brings years of hard-earned street
tested knowledge coupled with academic prowess to every program he teaches.

Working closely with transit organizations of every size all over the country, he provides them with
simple, effective, and proven tools for de-escalating potentially violent situations, enhancing operator
safety, and improving customer satisfaction.

A popular regular presenter at The National Transit Institute’s Instructor Symposium, Bill has also spoken
at APTAS National Safety Conference multiple times, and was awarded The Goldstein Award for his work
on “The Corner of Chaos” transit reclamation program by The International Problem Oriented Police

Dynamic and engaging, Bill will keep you on the edge of your seat with his unique mix of insightful
information, engaging stories, and lifesaving and changing information that have and continue to create
measurable, lasting change for hundreds of organizations.

Bill Parsons
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