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Illustrated Guide to De-Escalating Disorderly Riders, Managing Stress, and Staying Safe on the Coach 

February 23, 2023| By William C. Parsons

Bill has been training transit industry professionals on topics from leadership to cutting-edge de-escalation techniques since 2009. He is a retired Dayton, Ohio police officer and worked as the transit liaison between the Dayton police department and Greater Dayton RTA for over six years and trained transit professionals from every size organization in all fifty states.

This illustrated pocket manual is designed to give transit professionals tools for managing their emotional states, particularly anger; how to de-escalate virtually any situation that might arise on the coach; and how to enhance their personal safety on the bus.


Master Mind: Tools for Transforming Your Life

October, 25 2021 | By William C. Parsons

As a 28-year veteran inner-city police officer, dealing with life-threatening and traumatic situations on a daily basis, Bill discovered and developed a variety of simple yet powerful techniques for overcoming stress, handling life’s obstacles, developing incredible resilience, and turning set back into success over and over again.

In Master Mind: Tools for Transforming your Life, Bill shares these powerful tools and techniques with you in a simple, entertaining step-by-step format. Follow Bill and his faithful companion Watson, as they make discoveries, unearth practical techniques, and learn that embracing and growing from all life experiences is the key that will help you grow stronger and live a vibrant and fully experienced existence.


Black Belt Fit: The Kick-ass Way to Get Fit , Feel Good, and Look Great! 

March 6, 2022 | By William C. Parsons

In this short book you will learn that all you need to sculpt a stronger, leaner, more resilient and sexy physique, anytime and anywhere. All you need is your body and a small open space. No machines, no expensive gym memberships.

What you will learn inside:

  • How to get leverage to stay committed to your workout plan

  • How to blast fat off of your body; build lean muscle, and increase endurance

  • Dozens of simple exercises you can do anywhere

  • Simple straight forward nutritional plan and meal guide to fuel your body

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your sleep for overall health

  • How to increase power and flexibility

  • Powerful tools to bust stress and increase relaxation

  • How to use sunlight, cold exposure, and other unique techniques to increase overall health

  • A simple workout journal to track results


Victim to Victor: The Street-tested System for Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones from Violent Predators

By William C. Parsons

Written by a retired police officer, executive protection specialist, and master martial artist, this illustrated guide covers every area of personal safety and self-defense you will ever need to protect yourself and loved ones from the violent predators who roam our streets.

Violent crime is at an all-time high, and police presence is at an all-time low. Victim to Victor includes step-by-step, practical, street-tested, and simple techniques that will dramatically increase your chances of coming out the winner in any encounter, whether you’re facing an active-shooter situation or dealing with a drug-fueled psycho trying to kill you. The manual is supported by detailed videos that will walk you step-by-step through the tactics and techniques covered in the manual.


Clicking: How to Build Rapport, Make Friends, and Connect with Anyone

October, 25 2021 | By William C. Parsons

Clicking: How to Build Rapport, Make Friends, and Connect with Anyone offers simple yet powerful tools and techniques for building rapid rapport with anyone, creating deeper connections with others, and developing lasting friendships.

With these tools, you will be a more persuasive speaker and leader, learn how to develop and nurture strategic alliances, build trust with virtually anyone, and win over even the most skeptical of critics.

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