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On-Site Training & Courses

Road Worthy

This is a 3-hour course that teaches operators, frontline supervisors, and customer service representatives how to quickly, effectively, and compassionately de-escalate virtually any situation from a frustrated rider to an openly hostile individual. This course was specifically designed for transportation professionals to provide them with a virtual tool box of simple, effective, and powerful street tested communication and de-escalation tools they can use to professionally handle any situation while increasing their personal safety and enhancing rider experience.

In addition, students will learn strategies to effectively master their own emotional states, remain calm, and centered in any situation, and make better communication and safety decisions under stress, by learning these techniques your operators and frontline employees will be more resilient and handle stress more effectively in all areas of their lives. 

This course is interactive with lots of examples, interaction, and role play

Optimum class size: 15-20 students per session 


  • Customized to your organizational needs

  • Helps reduce operator involved incidents and rider complaints

  • Improves job satisfaction and increase operator confidence, and safety

  • Enhanced public image 

  • Compassionate and sensitive approach to improved rider experience 


  • Emotional State Management

  • Powerful communication and rapport building skills

  • Simple and effective de-escalation skills

  • Operator safety

  • SHOWTIME principle of improved customer experience 

Self-Defense from the
Seated Position

This is a 3-hour course specifically designed for bus operators to provide them with a set of simple, effective, and court defensible techniques for defending themselves from the seated position, against both armed and unarmed attackers.

The emphasis of this training is providing the operators with simple and court defensible skills; they will learn when they can legally defend themselves and what constitutes a reasonable response in the eyes of the courts and the public.  By training operators in this manner, they will learn a standardized and reasonable response to aggression, if this Is not done the operator is left to their own idea of when to defend and what constitutes reasonableness.

They will then learn effective and simple techniques anyone can do to protect themselves from an assault, and how to effectively document the incident.

This course is very interactive taking the operators through a series of drills that culminate in practicing the skills on the coach in the operant environment and then documenting the incident.


  • Civil Liability, reasonableness, and totality of circumstances

  • Documentation

  • Simple effective defense techniques from the seated position

  • How to handle active shooter situations on a coach

  • Enhanced decision-making skills under stress

  • Improved Situational awareness

  • Mastering emotional overload and the fight/flight response

Inspiring Leadership Course
Trust, Culture, Vision, Accountability

This is a two-day course specifically designed for frontline transit supervisors, the challenges faced in the public sector get more and more difficult supervisors need to be able to draw on more of their inner resources to lead powerfully and this course will show them how.

This course teaches frontline supervisors to motivate, inspire, lead, improve organizational effectiveness, get employee buy in and participation, all while creating an inspired workplace, communicate more effectively with employees and build highly functional teams.

This is a practical program designed to give your street supervisors skills they can use immediately to inspire your teams and move toward your vision.


  • More conscious and connected leadership

  • Practical skills that can be applied not academic theory

  • More effective leadership level communication skills

  • Congruent and consistent frontline leadership instead of personality driven


  • Role modeling

  • Conscious communication

  • How to create buy-in and inspire your teams

  • How to communicate and demonstrate the organizational vision and live the mission

Street Smart:

This course is a 3 hour safety course designed specifically for front line supervisors, maintenance personnel, and  customer service representatives.


nyone who find themselves alone at a  bus stop, platform, or dealing with a maintenance situation in an open and public space and teaches them simple, powerful, and street tested techniques for enhancing their situational awareness, controlling the reactionary gap, reading pre-incident indicators and body language for potential aggression, de-escalating situations quickly, how to defend against an attack, how to report and document incidents, how and when to safely back away, how to use a tactical “L” and develop survival intuition.

Red Carpet

Customer Service

This 8-hour courses/workshop is designed for the unique challenges transit organizations face to more effectively and consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience by utilizing the SHOWTIME principle, to inspire creative ways to connect with customers and increase ridership through an experienced based approach. 

This is not an out of the box program but a custom designed ridership experience program developed with and for your organization and its specific demographics, psychographics, and unique challenges.

This program will show you how to connect more impactfully and positively  with the community you serve in  meaningful and measurable way by creating outstanding customer experiences that surprise, delight, and amaze our riders, by listening to what is most important to them and utilizing creative thinking to deliver on our core mission and promises in truly outstanding ways.

The seven core keys of great customer experience are discussed and then applied to the transit mission, how to tell our transit story in an impactful way that celebrates, honors, and respects our customers.  How to infuse and train the new customer centric message through the whole organization for consistency and get buy in from all levels of your organization, and finally employ the CANI methodology to keep the mission alive and growing.

Unconscious Bias Training

This is a 3-hour course designed to help individuals and organizations become more mindful and aware of how our beliefs and actions, both conscious and unconscious, can affect our relationships, productivity, and organization both positively and negatively.

This is a practical course that will help individuals understand and uncover their biases, give them practical tools for managing it, and protect your organization from legal and financial risk.

High quality diversity programs are more critical than ever as the landscape for employer’s to continue to change and become an ever more diverse talent pool, and with more regulatory pressure to comply with.

Most people believe themselves to be beyond harboring biases, they believe they are too educated, enlightened, or progressive in their thinking to harbor these destructive thoughts, when in reality this very belief system can create blind spots in awareness that allow unconscious bias to flourish.

This eye-opening program will help uncover and change unconscious bias in yourself and organization, give you the tools and techniques for combating it, create a more inclusive workplace, and help you overcome the specter of unconscious bias from entry level employees to the top of your organization.


  • What is unconscious bias

  • Strategies for uncovering it

  • Tools for combating in ourselves and organization

  • Tips to recognize it

  • Harassment and inclusion issues

  • How to be more self-aware and mindful in recruiting, hiring, leadership, promoting

  • How to make sure unconscious bias is not affecting your decision making

The Inspired Workplace

Inspiration is one of the most critical resources in the modern workplace, but how exactly do we create an inspiring work environment, one filled with energy, passion, and meaning?

This 3-hour course will show you not only how to create a more vibrant, engaged, and inspired work environment, it will show you how to sustain it over the long term.

By creating and sustaining a vibrant workplace we attract, recruit and keep more creative, talented, and committed employees, who are fully engaged and passionate about what they do and the organizational mission.

This program will provide you with the strategy and the fuel to ignite this level of engagement in your workforce, super charge your teams and encourage creativity like never before.

Beyond Resilience

“Grow stronger, more resourceful, and alive with each challenge faced”

For anyone who has ever faced obstacles in their life, dealt with rude, sarcastic, or mean people, faced insurmountable odds, or felt like the cards were stacked against them and they could not go on one more second and wanted to throw in the towel, this course is for you. 

This powerful and transformational 4-hour course will provide you with the ability to face any obstacle, set back, or adversity and come back stronger than ever, by turning these situations into opportunities for growth and to gain insight and wisdom.

Pain, loss, and adversity are part of the landscape of being human and we have all dealt with them and will deal with them again in the future; by understanding, finding meaning and utilizing specific mind tools to accept and reframe these experience we can turn them into powerful and positive catalysts for growth.

This course uses both time-tested techniques and cutting edge researched based tools for learning not just to cope with adversity, set back, stress, pain, loss and a whole host of other trials but to grow from them, become stronger, more resilient, and wiser with each obstacle faced.

We may have very little control over what happens to us, but we have unlimited ability to transform these experiences through a simple change in philosophy and powerful mental and emotional tools for growth.

Transformational Trainer

In this powerful and intense 3-day course you will learn the breakthrough methods that great presenters, teachers, and speakers use to own the stage and craft impactful presentations. 

This course will act as a catalyst taking your presentation skills to the next level, show you how to create and deliver outstanding, training, and positively impact attendee’s behavior, and connect with your audience like never before.

Attendees will be consciously and consistently taken out of their comfort zone to advance their presenting skills, grow their confidence, and tap into as of yet undiscovered strengths and abilities. 

How to:

  1.  own and use the stage for maximum impact

  2.  powerfully connect with your audience 

  3.  mine and powerfully tell your personal stories

  4. Be a master storyteller to enhance teaching moments 

  5. Write concise and defensible lesson plans

  6. Write Student Performance Objectives

  7. Use technology effectively to compliment learning

  8. Design and implement learning exercises that complement and enhance learning

  9. Speak extemporaneously when called to do so

  10. Use humor effectively and appropriately in training

  11. Design interactive, engaging, and effective handouts

  12. Blend learning methodologies for maximum impact

  13. Utilize theatre techniques enhance storytelling & presenting skills

Course is designed for 10-12 trainers at a time due to the highly interactive nature of this training.

Conscious Coaching

Roadworthy Communications Certified Conscious Coach training program gives you the necessary foundation to coach with great success. Through our coach training course, you learn how to apply RWC’s Proven Methodology with confidence, generate change, and increase skill retention. With RWC’s coach certification you will be able to help your coaches find more purpose in their work, identify their true values, create a strategy and momentum around ensuring they succeed in any area of pursuit

This is an (8) eight week online certification or 40 hour 1 week on site  course that can be started at any time, in which you will learn all the valuable skills you need to coach employees and clients to greater levels of success in virtually any area, all great organizations utilize the coaching process to assist their employees to continue growing, find increased meaning in all areas of their lives, and add greater value to their organizations along the way.

You will receive all the supporting documents, exercises, and tools you need to get started and help transform organizations and lives.

This program will show you how to:

  • Apply various coaching models

  • Coaching communication skills

  • Accountability 

  • Tools and assessment

  • Ethical guidelines

  • Building trust

  • Establishing the coaching agreement

  • Powerful coaching questions

  • Goal setting

  • Holding Space

  • Minimal support

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Most of our lives are lived below conscious awareness as a result many of the decisions and actions we take every day are mindless, our eating, how we communicate, leadership, decision making; you name it, as a result at best we get mixed results in virtually all areas of our lives.

In the workplace mindless communication, leadership, marketing, customer relations, hiring, and recruiting can lead to a plethora of disastrous results, from lawsuits to lost customers, and retention issues to dysfunctional teams.

A simple but powerful shift in understanding and awareness can show individuals and whole organizations how to live, work, communicate, and perform more consciously and deliberately working from reality and not flawed and inaccurate mental models built on subjective experience but from objective reality and conscious, compassionate, and accurate thinking.

This 3-hour course can introduce a whole new way of thinking, living, and leading to your organization and all of your employees, empowering them to act decisively, compassionately, and consciously, looking at the larger picture, and making decisions based on how it impacts the whole and not just the parts.

Human Trafficking Awareness, Prevention, & Response for Transportation

This 2 hour online class address all the issues of Human trafficking as it relates to public transportation, how to spot human trafficking, indicators, responses strategies, how to work with local law enforcement, policies to put into place, how to train your drivers, and he impact it has on our communities.


  • Human Trafficking Indicators

  • Impact

  • How to address suspected cases of human trafficking

  • Reporting procedures

  • Training your team

  • Working with other community resources

  • Policy considerations

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